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Sativa Turin Expo - HEMP INTERNATIONAL EXPO TURIN - www.canapafieratorino.it
The city of Turin hosts the first imponent edition of the 
Sativa Turin Expo, that will take place at Palavela, from 01 to 03 of March 2019. 
Three intense days that will leave room for activities,insights,
presentation of projects as well as start-up. 
A world in full evolution the one of Hemp, that deserves a careful look and a presentation worthy of one of the most useful plants, both for its versatility of use and for the exponential market growth. Sativa Torino Expo decides to land at Palavela that hosts more and more significant events, 
just to exploit even the outdoor spaces 
that will be the frame to a rich organization 
of activities suitable for professionals, enthusiasts and why not even to 
simple curious. Sativa Turin Expo has the task to organize constructive 
debates with experts from various sectors 
(legal, marketing, environment, ecology, construction, nutrition) 
and even real seminars that can be followed to learn more 
about topics and techniques related to the Hemp cultivation. 
Sativa Turin Expo will hosts exhibitors, producers and small farmers 
from all over Italy and also European realities, that start looking at the 
Italian market. They will be three days of fair and exhibition, 
three days where it will be possible to buy and to test products, 
but most of all to immerse ourselves completely into the Hemp world.
Debates and conferences, exhibits and sales but let’s not forget the 
fun and entertainment that will allow everyone to spend three full 
days without never get bored. 
Entertainment will be managed by a dense network of activities 
ranging from children management to artists performances, exhibits 
of works made with hemp and from the Final of RapInTour contest 
(emerging rap singers that from September 2018 will be on tour in Italy, 
challenging between them to get 
both engagements as testimonial and
their cd promotion). 
In short Sativa Turin Expo
promises to be a worthy event to 
which to participate, both as visitor
and as exhibitor, to be part of that 
elegance in the rapresentation that 
the city of Turin keeps on showing to have.